Internet Job Searching Tips Find a Job Today

Do you intend to use the internet to find and apply for open positions? If so, please read on for some free, helpful tips.

Internet Job Searching Tip #1: Start As Soon As Possible

If you were recently laid off or terminated from your job, you do not have a choice; you must start your search right away. However, what if you are looking for a better job that has more attractive pay and benefits? Right now is not the best time to quit on a whim with the “hope” of finding greener pastures. If you are actively looking for a job but are still employed, it is best that you start planning ahead. Start your job searching online now so that you can have a plan in place.

Internet Job Searching Tip #2: Search as Many Job Sites as Possible

What is the first career search website that pops into your head? You are likely thinking of Without a doubt, it is one of the best and most popular search websites out there. With that said, not all companies use There is also,, and thousands of others. Moreover, some companies have ditched the costly job search sites in favor of simply posting their own job listings on their own website.

For that reason, you shouldn’t focus your attention solely on one job search website only. The more websites you search, the more open job listings you will come across.

Internet Job Searching Tip #3: How Far Do You Want to Travel?

Most job search sites and desktop job finders enable you to choose a location and then a radius to search. So lets say you choose Syracuse, NY and use a 50 mile radius. You will be shown current job listings within 50 miles from Syracuse, NY. But wait! Do you really want to drive 50 miles one-way to work each day? If not, eliminate these job listings from your search by choosing a lesser radius. If you do not have the option to do this, rearrange all job listings based on distance from your zip code. With this approach, all the nearest job openings will appear at the top of your search results.

Internet Job Searching Tip #4: Follow the Job Application Instructions on Your Screen

When you search for jobs online, you might come across hundreds of jobs that you may wish to apply for. Not all companies want you to apply for the job the same way. It is vital that you read the job listing to determine how you should process your application. For example, do you need to click a link to fill out and submit an online application, can you upload your resume, do you need to email or mail your resume, or should you drop off that resume in person?

If you do not use the suggested or required method of contact and application, your resume or job application might sit unnoticed for months!

Job Hunting Tips How To Get Started Job Searching

Are you one of the thousands of unemployed people in the country that is in need of a job and you have no idea how to start looking for one because you were just let go from the job you have had for years? Be glad to know, finding a job is easy when you know where to search. Here’s some job hunting tips to help you get started.

You may be thinking “Now where can I find employers”. How can you find your desired new job?

Before anything else, you should determine your skills and abilities, update your resume, and be ready to face the employment process.

There are several ways to start looking for employment.

1) Job Center: Look for job centers that have numerous job listings for different kinds of jobs. Most of the job centers keep up to date employment listings on file. These career centers started out helping the young job seekers up to 21 years old. They will make arrangements for job interviews that match your current skills and abilities. Some of these job centers also offer training opportunities and apprenticeships to young people. Today, these centers have evolved into also catering adults’ need of employment.

2) Newspapers: Many newspapers and non-profit papers still post ads for job openings. You can find all the existing newspapers in libraries and check all the recent job postings. However, nowadays I find that most newspapers are posting their ads for jobs online. This makes it easy to search for openings in your field.

3) Journals and magazines: Many industries have their own journals or magazines. Employers may post ads in these journals or magazines because they know they will find the professionals they need in a particular field. These can be found in magazine stands and others come by subscription. Therefore, if you are hoping to establish your career based on your field of study or experience, you can increase your job prospects by subscribing to a professional magazine in that profession.

4) Agencies: Employment agencies handle most of the current job opportunities. You can find listings of employment agencies in the local yellow pages for different industries or professions.

5) Employer locations: Many companies post job openings in their place of business or on their website. Since these companies such as food retailers make use of internal notice boards, they do not advertise in newspapers and agencies. You could walk into these companies and ask the front desk for employment openings.

6) Internet: Like I mentioned earlier, many companies will list their openings on the internet. Many of the top companies, employment agencies, and newspapers have their own website. You could save time by searching through them one by one and apply for the job that matches your qualifications.

Using these job hunting tips can save you lots of time when looking for your preferred job.

If you can use many of these ideas, you can increase your results.

Using Craigslist to Find a Job Or Gig Helpful Tips

Hands down, the best way to make money on Craigslist is to find a job or a gig. If you are in desperate need of money and more than just a few extra dollars, this is the approach you must take.

If you are unemployed, your goal is to find a full-time job. If you are just looking to make some extra cash, your goal is to find a part-time or a paid gig. You can find all of these on Craigslist, enabling to you to make money.

Craigslist Tip #1 – Post in the Services Offered

First and foremost, post a services offered listing in Craigslist’s services section.
Even if you want a full-time job, this is a way to make some extra cash in the meantime. Any hobby or small amount of experience you have can be used to make money. Offer your lawn mowing services, your computer repair services, or your babysitting services.

But wait! Why do you need to do this AND search for a job or gig? Because some Craigslist users are lazy. Why spend time searching when all they can do is post an “I need a” ad and get many replies?

Craigslist Tip #2 – Search All of Craigslist

There are benefits to being able to search all of Craigslist when looking for a job or a paid gig. Many paid gigs (like freelance writing) are internet based, meaning you can work for someone clear across the country. As for a good job, you might be willing to relocate. Having the ability to search all of Craigslist gives you better results.

But wait! How can you search all of Craigslist? A number of websites and software programs enable you to search all of Craigslist and thousands of other websites at once. Download one of these programs or do a free search on a classified searching website.

Craigslist Tip #3 – Choosing Your Search Words or Phrases

There are three good ways to search for jobs on Craigslist. They include:

• Search with the job title: office manager, writer, secretary, construction worker, bartender, and so forth. This is your best option.

• Search with the job duties: typing, writing, remodeling, customer service, and so forth. This is less successful, but ideal when the hiring manager doesn’t have a set title for the job.

• Search with the company name: Burger King, Microsoft, and so forth. This approach more hit or miss. Not many large companies use Craigslist, mostly the smaller businesses do. Moreover, many leave out the company name.

Craigslist Tip #4 – Do Not Headline Browse

Normally, I recommend headline browsing. After all, why click to see a size medium leather jacket when you need a size large? Jobs and gigs are different. Rarely does someone post the salary info in the job post at all, let alone in the headline. From that one line the job may look like crap, but it may turn out to be the best paying job you had in years! Click and then skim.

Tips For Using Craigslist to Find a Job Or a Gig Start Making Money Today and other classified websites can be used as more than just a deal finder; you can also use these websites to find a job. If this is your first time job searching on a classified website like Craigslist, please keep these helpful tips in mind:

Craigslist Tip #1 – Apply to Jobs You ARE Qualified For

We all know that the more jobs you apply for, the better your chances are of landing one. Yes, you have a degree in cosmetology, but that doesn’t make you a good auto mechanic. Your chances of having a successful job search improve when you target jobs that you are qualified for.

Craigslist Tip #2 – Follow All Instructions to Apply

Whether you search for jobs or paid gigs from or another website that lets you search the site, you will find some jobs to apply for. Follow all instructions. Never email your resume when you should of mailed, mailed when you should have faxed, and so forth. This will get you nowhere. Don’t think you got the upper-hand because your email arrived before others had a chance to visit the post office. You didn’t follow directions; quickest way to NOT get a job.

Craigslist Tip #3 – Never Apply without a Resume & Cover Letter

The only instance in which you should not send a resume and a cover letter is for local part-time gigs, like lawn mowing, painting, and so forth. A resume will help your chance, but is rarely required. Full-time jobs are another story. Yes, Craigslist and other classified websites do have a laid-back approach, but that doesn’t mean the hiring company does too.

Craigslist Tip #4 – Avoid Work-at-Home Scams

Scammers are like a bad disease that just won’t go ahead. In fact, they are that nasty rash that keeps getting worse and worse. Many Craigslist scammers target work-at-home jobs and opportunities. If you work on a freelance basis, proceed with caution. Use common sense and put safeguards in place to protect yourself. Freelance writers and graphic designers regularly have their work stolen (they do the job, handover the work, but don’t get paid); avoid this by requesting a portion of the payment upfront.

For other work-at-home jobs, never pay a fee. Some scammers are tricky when it comes to stealing your personal information. They claim they need your bank account info for direct deposit or your social security number for a background check. Perform a search online to see if the company or person is a fraud. Make sure you had an interview; scammers don’t care about your work history or your samples because they are going to take your money or work and run.