Jo b Fair Tips to Optimize Your Success

Are you looking to optimize your success when attending job fairs? If so, then keep reading for job fair tips that will make all the difference for you!

If you are in the hunt for a job, you have most likely attended a job fair of two. Recently, some fairs have attracted 5,000, 8,000 or even 12,000 people competing for just a few hundred jobs. I am going to share with you three job fair tips that will help you stand out from the crowd and help you compete more successfully.

1) Take a business card from everyone you talk with. This is the first of our tips. In the mass of job seekers, you are just another face in the sea of potentials applicants to that employer. If you collect this information, you have the opportunity to do something to be remembered. Without it you are at a loss, and have truly just wasted your time. You can choose to follow up individually by phone, email, letter, or a more creative means with those who seem to be the best fit for you.

2) In the long lines of job seekers waiting to talk to the employers, you want to be the one to take advantage. Once you have finally meandered your way to the front, ask the representative to give you one interesting factoid about the company. This second tip will take you far. This is an infrequent request and it may take them a moment, but they will remember you for it, especially if you are able to further the conversation and you will actually have an engaging, although probably brief, conversation. You can then repeat this information back to this person when you follow up after the event. This appealing approach demonstrates your critical thinking skills and your diligence, and will lead to job fair success.

3) Avoid arriving with your resume, or completing applications on site THis is the third of our job fair tips. The purpose of a job fair is to identify the potential opportunities and determine where you want to follow up based on the conversations you have with company representatives. Once the players and employment opportunities have been identified, you can draft specific resumes and cover letters to for each opportunity.

If you have attended a job fair, you will most likely agree that they are frenzied and often prove fruitless for the majority of job seekers. Taking advantage of these job fair tips allows you to stand out from the crowd, optimizing your effectiveness.